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Jon Ensor provides a range of corporate entertainment and event hosting packages.

  • Creating the right atmosphere for your event

    Jon Ensor has become a sought-after MC at corporate events, where his ability to inject the right amount of energy, humour, and pace into an event is invaluable. He leads awards ceremonies with elegance and professionalism, and the right humour for the audience present. Jon's warm stage personality, comfortable relaxed stage presence, energy and sharp humour are a winning combination."

  • Informal, entertaining, interactive, astonishing.

    Magic is an entertainment form that more than ever has to be experienced. Jon is an exceptionally skilled close-up magician who can deliver mind-blowing effects up close, in a conversational, engaging and entertaining way. Jon performs close-up at almost all his event jobs, in addition to stage and presenting roles. The combination of close-up magic and stage performance provides a complete entertainment package that is a huge success time and again.

  • Experienced, professional, unique stage entertainment

    Jon Ensor's stage shows are unique. The combination of intelligent and quick-witted British comedy, a cocky yet elegant style, and a set of routines that are unforgettably impossible make this a fantastic alternative to stand-up comedy. Event packages include combinations of stage performance and close-up performance for most events, and stage performances can often be custom designed for the client."

  • Communication - the secrets revealed

    Jon Ensor is able to provide a range of services as an expert in communication. From helping you with English language presentations and speech delivery coaching, to presentations on subconcsious/non-verbal communication and how to give all the right signals, Jon uses his years of experience in a job which is exclusively about communication to provide practical tips and surprising demonstrations which will change the way you think about communication.



Jon Ensor performs at over 100 events every year. From hosting events for over 1000 delegates to entertaining the smallest exclusive parties, he has worked for numerous clients, from international corporations to private individuals, in a range of countries.

References can be obtained where required, but Jon's client list is confidential.


Mind tricks for business

An entertaining, engaging and useful look into the psychological tricks and manipulation used in advanced magic and mind-reading.


An eye-opening presentation, very entertaining, and a talking point for months.

Mind-readers use careful communication techniques, body language and other techniques to create seemingly impossible happenings. Similarly, advanced close-up magicians use their understanding of the way the mind percieves to control what you see.

All these techniques have useful applications in the world of sales, negotiation, marketing, public relations - and for anyone who wants to communicate better.

Are you interested in getting your message across better, helping your staff create more positive contact with your customers, or just looking for an eye-opening and refreshing speaker for your next event? Get in touch!

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