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Jon Ensor -


People with charisma are magnetic, engaging, liked and trusted. Their ideas are more often taken up, and they are able to influence and inspire the people around them.
Charisma is not a mystical gift some people are born with. It is a set of learned behaviours, which we all can develop.


The right approach to charisma can make us better leaders, better communicators, better colleagues, and better humans.

Understanding that great qualities such as warmth, empathy, honesty, and humility can be powerfully charismatic will give a new and positive direction to our self-improvement.


Jon Ensor has earned his living as a performer for the past twenty years. He has provided speaker coaching and speech preparation services for Royalty and top business clients, and he also has experience as a producer, both for studio television and large events.

His passion is engaging and connecting with audiences, and helping other people to ‘shine’ in all their communication.


Jon offers a 45minute talk for conferences and events.

In his talk you will learn more about:

  • The power of increasing your charisma
  • How to be more self-confident
  • How to engage and connect with people
  • How to present the best version of yourself


The talk is particularly relevant in the following business areas:

  • Leadership skills
  • Sales
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Presentation techniques


I just wanted to thank you an extra time for your performance yesterday. It was excellent!!

Your natural combination of humor, charm and your personal story was GREAT! Your story was naturally and movingly told. I think telling your story made them like you even more, and it gave you credibility to afterwards teach them how to be as humans/leaders. The combination of humor and seriousness is really excellent!

The leaders I talked to after your performance was so impressed! They also picked up on the relevance in their own professional life. One of them talked eagerly on how he was amazed by the way you had a build-up that fooled us, and drew the parallel to the importance of creating a story that enhance positive actions in workers. Another leader said it was “spot on” for him. They all were very pleased!!

I will warmly recommend you to my colleagues!

Kind Regards

(a leadership consultancy company in Oslo)

I am passionate about engaging with people, and creating experiences. Whether it is through performing, speaking, introducing or producing, for me it is about being a part of giving audiences a positive emotional experience.

Be it laughter, fascination, a ‘wow’ – or just a feeling of wellbeing, I strive to create experiences that will live long in the memory, for all the right reasons.

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