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I am passionate about engaging with people, and creating experiences. Whether it is through performing, speaking, introducing or producing, for me it is about being a part of giving audiences a positive emotional experience.

Be it laughter, fascination, a ‘wow’ – or just a feeling of wellbeing, I live to create experiences that will live long in the memory, for all the right reasons.

Jon Ensor - sig


I have been interested in the idea of being a magician almost as long as I can remember, and I started trying to invent my first tricks when I was about 7 years old. At secondary school, rather that looking for ‘tricks’ to present, I would actually try to find things that I could present as real ‘abilities’.


I am not somebody who finds it easy being with people. I have always been awkward, and my natural first reaction at every turn of a conversation, is self-doubt.